Our hope is to create a spark of generosity in our community that ignites the same passion in others.


Hello and thank you for visiting our website! Our names are Meagan and Sarah, and we have created BESTOW as a way to extend our passion for gifting to others. We are located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada – what a beautiful place to call home!

Our gift boxes are a reflection of the values we hold. The boxes we have made for you include high quality items that are guaranteed to please. Supporting local business is important to us because we believe that they are the strength and backbone of our community. We will occasionally switch up the products in our boxes to ensure variety for our purchasers and to promote other amazing businesses in the Fraser Valley. 

We aspire to create a business that lifts people and businesses up. Our hope is to create a spark of generosity in our community that ignites the same passion in others. We provide unique gift boxes that are filled with quality local goods for you to share. We hope you like them as much as we do!


Our lives were changed by the global shutdown in the Spring of 2020. Those events put many things into perspective for us. After weeks of isolation, we decided to spread sunshine to the people in our lives who were struggling. While we had originally intended to give our friends and family joy, we ended up also giving ourselves immense joy! Isn’t generosity funny that way? Showing our affection for others and making connections with loved ones was the heart of our project – thus BESTOW was born! 

Our appreciation for our bountiful and thriving local community was a natural addition to our business brainstorming. We LOVED so many local companies and products! We wanted to share all this good Fraser Valley product with others and also encourage local consuming. By supporting local businesses and bestowing generosity to one another, we hope to create a strong, kind and connected community. 

Quality Goods & Gifting

A part of this journey that is integral for us is sourcing local products that are high quality, desirable, unique and beautiful. We have searched high and low for some of the best local products to create curated gift boxes that are sure to please.